Who We Are?

To support the needs of Shan State youth and children and to operate as a communication center, Shan students and other Shan youth who were working in Thailand founded Shan Youth Power (SYP) in August 5, 2002.

Owing to systematic human rights abuses, including mass killings, rape, forced labor, and forced relocation committed by the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC) in Burma, many Shan people in Shan State have been fleeing to Thailand and along Thai-Burma border. No refugee camp is provided for Shan as a shelter. They have to live in different places throughout Thailand and work in low-paying jobs due to their lack of legal status and education. For this reason, SYP undertook to help these Shan migrants and IDPs.
For the first three years of SYP’s existence, all of the members worked as volunteers for the empowerment of Shan youths.


The mission of Shan Youth Power is to persuade more youth to participate in social and democratic development through education, awareness-raising, and capacity building.


  • To provide information among youth by producing newsletters and a website
  • To improve English/Computer skills for youth
  • To provide and promote basic education for children and youth
  • To give knowledge about HIV/AIDS prevention for migrant workers and IDPs
  • To provide basic reproductive health training for adolescents
  • To maintain Shan Culture and Literature
  • To hold exchange meetings among youth about the situation in Burma
Shan Youth Power